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About Ja'Nay


After getting a BBL and vlogging my recovery journey in 2020, I learned how much I had inspired others to pursue their own body goals. After a year post op, I decided to invest in the training needed to help others on their surgery journeys. I became Surgery Bae, a physical and emotional support system and a companion to thousands of clients. I have been successful in maintaining my own results by staying consistent with compression, massages and a host of other post-surgery care. I have used my knowledge to help many others maintain their results as well. With my experience, I try to motivate and help build confidence. I have so much passion for what I do.

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Areas of Expertise

Body Sculpting

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Post Op Care

Thank you for showing your interest in Nipped By Nay. Im Ja'Nay, a Post Op Specialist, Body Sculpting Specialist and I'm your potential Surgery Bae. My Purpose is to make sure you have the easiest and smoothest Surgery Journey. I'm also here to maintain your body and assist with a safe but fast recovery.

Post Op care is the most important part of your journey.

Your body is now an investment.

For the best results you need the best post op care.

One of the main attributes to post op care is Lymphatic Drainage massages.

Massages help get rid of all the toxins and waste while relieving swelling and preventing fibrosis or seromas.

Massages usually start the following day after Liposuction and Abdonminalplasty.



Address Given after booking

Plantation, FL 33317


954- 669- 7122


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